Decentralized Authentication & Data Protection

Your secure business starts with WWPass by Atabasca

Your attack surface's biggest vulnerabilities are its endpoints. What if you could greatly reduce your exposure while actually improving user experience? WWPass by Atabasca allows your users and applications to authenticate and store data in a whole new way, eliminating user pain points and greatly reducing risk.

Authentication and Data Storage Re-Imagined

WWPass uses the cloud to dramatically improve security. Absolutely no data is stored on any physical device, and any encryption keys are stored in a cloud-based data vault that can only be unlocked using a combination of two keys: one held by the application and the other by the end user. The resulting system is deceptively simple to use, yet very complicated to compromise.

How it works

True Single Sign-On

WWPass offers a true multi-tenant SSO system that allows users to own one universal key that unlocks multiple business and personal applications across many different service providers. Each service provider or enterprise can provision, permission and manage any user via their Microsoft Active Directory, granting them access to select applications and business systems. Users can have separate credentials for each system, but still use a single key and password combination to log into each one. It's an amazingly elegant solution to a very big problem.


Business Transformations

WWPass empowers companies to drive business transformation by simplifying and hardening security around everything from the way that customers log into web applications, to how IT departments secure access to sensitive business systems, disk drives, and just about anything else that is protected by a set of credentials. Integrating each additional application with WWPass actually simplifies your security ecosystem; the applications are only limited by your imagination.


Professional Services

The way that a security solution is implemented is just as important as the way that it is designed. Atabaska's professional services team has years of experience in implementing WWPass technology for companies ranging in size from start-ups to large enterprises. We will work with your enterprise security team to implement, test and refine your security ecosystem. Our partner network allows us to bring together best-of-breed partners to build complete solutions for our customers.

Business Services