Application Areas

It's often difficult to envision all of the potential ways that an easy-to-use, strong authentication and data protection solution can transform your business. Having completed numerous technology implementations over the past several years, Atabasca's business consultants are in a unique position to see different applications that cut across various industries. We've come up with an ever-evolving list of use cases based on a core set of security areas that most enterprises have to manage on a regular basis.

Specific executions vary in detail depending on the types of end-point systems being integrated. Atabasca's capabilities are not limited by the list below - in fact our systems integrators are working with new types of applications of WWPass technology every day.

Data Security

Whether you are using WWPass to hide the decryption key to hard drives locked with Microsoft Windows BitLocker, or using the system to store, encrypt, fragment and globally-disperse sensitive customer data or business documents, WWPass offers a solution that gives you maximum flexibility from a security standpoint. After you have identified all of the datasets that you would like to safeguard in your business ecosystem, think about whether you would like to keep the data where it lives by simpl encrypting it and hiding the key, or whether you would like to store, fragment and disperse it across WWPass's untraceable global server infrastructure. The latter option ads a government-grade level of security, but may not be needed for certain data with lower risk profiles.

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Strong Authentication

WWPass drives business transformation with strong, multi-factor authentication. Wherever users are logged into systems, applications or even physical spaces, WWPass offers one universal key that grants the right users access to the right systems, at the right time. The transformative impact grows as more systems are integrated with WWPass, yet the number of user-facing credentials doesn’t grow. On the backend, WWPass integrates with Active Directory and other layers of your company's identity and access management (IAM) stack. It's strong authentication that makes life easier for both the user and the enterprise.

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Secure Communications

Imagine if the most sensitive business emails that you send today were encrypted with a key that only you, your intended recipient and your corporate security office had access to. You could eliminate your exposure to threats ranging from the mundane, such as someone forwarding a sensitive email to an unintended recipient, to the hazardous, such as a corporate espionage or man-in-the-middle attack. Applying WWPass to Microsoft Outlook or other email clients allows you to take communication security to a whole new level, greatly reducing the exposure profile of one of the riskiest channels for information leaks within your company.

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