Professional Services

Atabasca's business services help you envision the possibilities and realize the business value of impleneting WWPass technology for your security needs. Our team of strategy consultants and system architects have deep experience in the multi-discipline requirements and process of building complete security ecosystems. Atabasca's unique “Business First” approach helps you first understand and define your business objectives, and then designs powerful security solutions to meet or exceed those objectives.

The result is the accelerated transformation of your company into a secure business that increases business value, reduces costs and builds a culture of security within your organization.

Strategic Consulting

Atabasca's strategic consulting group works with your company's security and IT officers to exhaustively explore all of the opportunities to transform your security ecosystem. Leveraging the existing security assets within your company, Atabasca consultants harden your endpoints with strong authentication solutions where necessary. Identifying and mapping out how sensitive data flows through your organization allows our consultants to classify datasets by risk profile and develop multiple layers of data security implementations that meet your business, risk and compliance needs.

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Systems Integration

Whether your are implementing a new strong authentication and data security layer to your existing systems, or replacing a layer in your current stack, Atabasca's implementation and business continuity teams will work with your enterprise to pilot, test, integrate and deploy your new solution, ensuring that it works with your entire data security ecosystem. Our best-of-breed approach is vendor-agnostic; WWPass systems work alongside and communicate with most security systems and all components of your IAM and security stacks.

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Application-Specific Solutions

Developing a secure web service that leverages strong authentication or securing cloud datasets has never been easier. Atabasca can work with your company to embed authentication, data protection and communication security solutions, to name a few, in a way that feels native and intuitive to the user. We can also help your business adjust or evolve your internal security protocols as needed based on the desired level of integration.