Fall in Love with Security

We've developed one key that opens all of the security doors in your life. Best of all, it is actually more secure than all of your current usernames and passwords combined.

This is the idea of WWPass in short

Each user carries a passkey, which was programmed to keep an identifier of key owner in a very secure form. This passkey is used to access every application using WWPass technology.

When a user login into specific application with ist passkey, both user’s passkey and the application go to WWPass, and presenting their “credentials”. Based on these credentials, WWPass servers assemble the information, related to the particular user and the particular application, and deliver it to the application. What kind of this information is, WWPass doesn’t know.

Note: If you would like to know more about WWPass technology, you’ll find it in our business section

Our datacenters are spread around the world

The application can update this information, storing it back to WWPass servers. We store customer’s data in 12 datacenters spread around the globe.

Without a key, your data simply doesn't exist

When the passkey is taken away, WWPass does not have any records of where the information is stored – it can be retrieved only when the passkey is presented to WWPass again. That makes the whole system secure – even if hackers gain access to the application, or even to a particular WWPass server, they cannot obtain the information – it simply does not exist.