Forget Usernames & Passwords

What if you had one key that remembered all of your usernames and passwords, and hide them all in an encrypted, dispersed and secure cloud?


Never need to store your credentials in a browser - as long as your key is plugged into the computer you are working on, that computer temporarily remembers all of your usernames and passwords. Take the key out, and none of your personal data stays on the machine.

Anti-Hacking Measures

Your data or credentials are never stored on your key. If hackers were able to get their hands on your key, they wouldn’t be able to do anything with your personal data.

Protect Your Personal Data

Complete Privacy

Your data and private files are stored in an encrypted, fragmented and globally dispersed cloud. This means even if multiple servers were compromised, attackers could not re-assemble your data - they would not have the decryption key. Additionally, neither WWPass nor any other corporate or government entity has the ability to access your information; you alone have the key to your private vault.

Complete Anonymity

Since your key is your only access to the system, and since WWPass doesn’t require you to register a name or address for your account, you are completely anonymous to the system.

A Smarter Key

  1. USB connector for easy plug and play
  2. Ultra-thin design for easy carrying and storage
  3. Advanced cryptographic processing chip
  4. Near Field Communication (NFC) allows for touch-and-go authentication
  5. Loop for easy attachment to your keychain