Atabasca Partner Network

Atabasca's partner network is a vibrant, global ecosystem of companies that enable the creation and enhancement of security products and solutions through WWPass enabled components, software, and services.

Whether you are a systems integrator, value added reseller (VAR), referral partner or technology partner, Atabasca's partner programs enable you to increase share of wallet and deliver new, cutting-edge solutions to your customers.

Featured Partners

BrightPlanIT Inc. is a Network Consulting, Systems Integration, Network Security, Training and Development service provider. We are one of Microsoft's most highly rated partners worldwide and are also strategically aligned with other hand-picked Enterprise technology partners in the Information Technology industry, representing only "Best of Breed" product solutions. We have an extensive client list extending across numerous industry verticals including Financial, Legal, Healthcare, Higher Education, Not-for-Profit, Manufacturing and many more.

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Fasoo plans to deliver exceptional value through our software to our customers and gain credit by developing software of true value that is recognized all around the world. As a leader within the DRM industry, we continue to challenge ourselves and expand into new business areas to provide you with high quality software. Fasoo has developed competitive products and solutions to succeed in the constantly changing IT environment and promises to meet the challenges to provide you with the software you need to tackle security threats and unwanted limitations in this environment.

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Delfigo Security is a leading provider of intelligent security solutions, designed for mobile. Protect your applications and mobile websites by knowing your users and enhancing their experience. By leveraging behavioral data unique to each of your users, you are able to protect your community from unauthorized access and from fraud.

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Solution Partners

This program is for Systems Integrators who want to implement WWPass Technology for their customers. WWPass gives Solution Partners training and support to size and deliver a fully integrated system which includes secure authentication and data access.

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

WWPass products Resellers design and build systems for either stand-alone use or integration into an RFP response.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners are consultants, agencies and systems integrators who want to recommend WWPass Technology to their clients. Our Referral Partners get exclusive access to the Atabasca Systems AG ann WWPass Corp. Sales Team to help propose custom WWPass solutions that work for you and your clients.

Technology Partner

Technology Partners are developers looking to incorporate WWPass authentication technology into a solution or service. Technology Partners have access to our engineering team for scope and integration and our sales and marketing teams to promote the combined solution. Our network of alliance and partners creates business value, reduces implementation risk and accelerates speed-to-market. In line with strategy of transparency, we do not solicit or accept influence or marketing assistance fees from any of our partners. Instead, our relationship focuses on joint business development, tools, and training.

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